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Do you need replacement door locks?

We can help as we provide door repair services for uPVC and composite doors. uPVC doors now accounting for the majority of doors in and around where we work.

If your uPVC door lock is causing you a problem or completely stuck we can repair or replace the locking system or making adjustments to have your door and lock working as it should be.

Central Locksmiths are specialists in uPVC multi-point door locks and mechanisms. We are available for call-outs and we carry all the necessary spares to repair most common uPVC door & lock problems on the spot.


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We stock a wide range of replacement multi point locking mechanism and have over 50 different centre gearboxes which we can supply and install or we are happy to advise customers should they wish to install themselves.

Window friction hinges and replacement espag locking systems
Windows that won’t shut or are gaping at the corners usually indicate that the friction hinges are broken or faulty, we can replace various hinges, handles and locking mechanism. We can also install egress or restricted opening hinges to comply with building regulations.

Euro cylinders
We can replace or upgrade your existing euro cylinders with anti snap / anti pick / anti drill and anti bump if you are worried about your existing security.

Dropped doors and windows
You don’t have to live with hard to open doors and windows and ones which don’t lock in a lot of cases we can realign or adjust your existing locking systems and hinges.

Replacement door furniture
Are your existing handles and door furniture looking dull and worn ? we can supply or supply and install new handles, letter plates and hinges to give your door a new fresh look.


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