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Stress-free Safe Consultation and Installation

‘Do you need a safe?’ At Central Locksmiths we are happy to talk about your requirements and hopefully guide you to the correct choice.

Buying a safe for you home or business is very often a new experience and can be a rather confusing when trying to get through the jungle of information out there.

We can help and we have compiled a list of things to consider (see below)

What do you intend to keep in the safe cash or valuables?

This will have a bearing on the cash cover of the safe if you are purchasing the safe for insurance reasons.

What size of safe do you require ?

Do you intend to store items such as files or laptops, fire safes often have thicker walls making the internal size much smaller compared to the same size safe that is not fire proof.

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Are you purchasing a safe for insurance purposes?

Make sure the safe is AIS Approved (The Association of Insurance Surveyors) look out for the purple tick.

Does it need to be ‘Fire Proof’?

Fire safes normally come either 30 min or 60 min for paper material but you can purchase safes which specifically can protect digital media.

Is the safe your considering too heavy or too light ?

If you intend having the safe upstairs then you need to choose a safe that isn’t too heavy for your floor bearing and also bear in mind the cost of the delivery and install will cost you more. If the safe you purchase is too light then it will require bolting down. Also note that if your safe has be purchased for insurance purposes then you will need to have it professionally installed to manufactures guidelines.

What locking option do I need?

Generally this is down to personnel choice.

Key lock – Traditional with no code to remember and no battery to replace although the keys can be rather large to carry about and where do you store the key also if you loose a key the lock will have to be replaced.

Electronic locking – You are able to give the code to authorised users and can change the code as many times as you require, codes are easy to use although easy to forget as well. Some of the cheaper safes do have a key over ride.

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